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Calling all Unicorns…

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Node.js – A Revolution for Front-End to be Back-End

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How to Login to your AWS EC2 without a .pem Key

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Make a Script Executable from Anywhere

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Why every company needs a full-time web developer!

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Episode 1: Intro & Front-End Developer Workflows

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WordPress without FTP – Plugin Install & Update Fix

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5 Best Tutorial Sources to Learn to Code

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Permalinks in WordPress can drive you crazy

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Hammer is a web development build system. It is guided by industry best practices and was built to empower your development with the most popular features, frameworks, and plugins available. Hammer takes a front-end approach vs command line to make it easy as possible when building your package. Save yourself countless of hours by using Hammer.

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SuperBoot Theme

SuperBoot is a free Wordpress theme that was developed to include several additional features that help you build a fancier website. There is no shortcode list to learn, it's documentation is included in the theme with working examples.

Sublime Launch

Several times a day I find myself going through the command line to either run git commands or grunt. I then find myself using finder to launch a folder in Sublime for development. Here is a nifty snippet to instantly launch Sublime from the command line.

Rapid API

Rapid API

An api normally takes time to setup, this can be annoying. Yes, there are several services to make it easier, but then you end up paying high fees if your application grows at all. Rapid API, takes care of the confusing part for you and allows you to quickly get started building your application.

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