How Chris Coyer changed my life…

Chris Coyer. Don’t know him? well you should.

Mr. CSS-Tricks. Mr. Save my life a million times when trying to figure out why the hell something isn’t acting the way I expect it to with CSS/HTML/JS. I can’t say I have ever had the pleasure of working with Chris Coyer, although I can say that I am a frequent visitor to three of his amazing websites that help me advance my professional skills as a developer:
– A wonderful site to boost your web development, design, and overall development skills.
– Wonderful inbrowser code-editor that uses several nice features of Code-Mirror that has similar shortcuts to the popular front-end editor Sublime. It is extremely useful for testing concepts and troubleshooting your code.
– Podcast with Chris Coyer and Dave Rupert. They invites several tech guests, talk about the latest drama in development, and throw out some radical sound board sounds.

In fact, I find css-tricks hard to escape. If you search with a CSS question, you typically find results for and css-tricks with Chris’s friendly “mug”  beside the link. I have been using his website for the past 3+ years to help me troubleshoot, advance, and even for ideas on new websites and website redesigns.

If you have never visited CSS-Tricks and your are a front-end developer, you are probably missing  few things in your toolbox.

Several organizations such as Adobe, Mozilla and w3c are typically spoken about as driving forces in the web. I wanted to give “props” where they are deserved. Chris is a guy in the development industry that pushes the web forward, he seems to consistently ideas for code and design. He goes to show us that 1 man can have a HUGE influence on an industry.

Most people would associate Chris as a developer for Codepen and CSS-Tricks, but more than anything I consider Chris Coyer as an educator in our industry.

With all of this being said, I recommend checking out his websites and picking up a few tips for your own development.