Why CEO’s should never have design influence!

A CEO is like the president, they give the executive orders. The problem lies with just that. They give the word “action“. But if you ever noticed the president has an entourage, like any CEO should have. This entourage typically consists of people with different backgrounds and expertise that present the plan for the action.

CEOs have a hard time making the best decision for a website concept, which can be very understandable.  Their job is to focus on the “business moment” or the immediate problem or business development that requires their attention. This “business moment” as we will call it doesn’t always translate perfectly to a web page. CEO’s typically like to discuss or explain how they see the business moment on the website. The problem is, a lot of times it doesn’t align with the design, workflow, or even with what the VP of Marketing or Product have planned.

Worst yet, some CEOs’ don’t like to be told that their design request, or desired workflow is absolutely horrible.

And as we all know when a request comes from the CEO, the due date is normally “immediately”.

How to Handle your CEO’s “Immediate” Requests

I have had several experiences working with different CEOs through website modifications, relaunches, and new websites. And most of time their idea may induce what’s currently on their mind, but miss the entire user experience and company messaging.

Now here is the hard part, you have to “grow a set of balls” and I use this as a phrase to condone you to STAND THE FUCK UP FOR YOURSELF. As a web developer, as a patriot for your design, website and hard work. Let your CEO know that you are going to take his opinion and “immediate” demand and work with the appropriate people of your team, VP of Marketing/Product/Design, and make his idea easy to understand for a user so that you can personally have an effect on the website traffic and conversions. Because you care about picturing your readers enjoying their user experience on the company’s website.

Your CEO should respect you for this and be happy that they hired a Smartass like you with the pride to say “Whoa Whoa” and apply strategy and plan, just like a politician would need.