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We strive to help people with their design and development. We are proud of our readers and their influence on the website’s content. Write for us, donate $5 or more, or show your Smartass enthusiasm, and we will send you a swag pack.

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We are always looking for talented developers and designers who are eager to share their skillset or their opinions. If you wish to write for us, you can put that in your message on the contact us form. Smartass writers are expected to be content experts and knowledgable about the topic they choose to write about. We also influence video, if you wish to submit a lesson plan for the Smartass website. We do not offer payment, as all of our content on the website is free.

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If you wish to contribute to the Smartass tools, please contact us directly through our github repository. Or you can email me at

Contact us in order to get your Smartass Swag.

**Swag is only available for distribution in US currently.